Sea monsters sightings are centuries old, but a new claim and video has Florida residents concerned about this latest sea creature. Madeira Beach resident Russ Sittlow claims his Florida canal is home to a creature that’s now being labeled "Normandy Nessie" or the “Madeira Monster.”  Sittlow claims this sea beast is about 30 feet long, has sharp teeth and feeds on fish.  I wanted to understand what this creature could be, so I spoke with Andy Garrett, a biologist at the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. Garrett reviewed the video of the creature and offered a possible explanation. (You'll need to have Flash enabled to hear his responses.)

Question: What are your thoughts after reviewing the sea monsters footage?

Andy Garrett Explains Thoughts After Viewing Sea Monster Video

Question: What did you see in the video?

Andy Garrett Describes Footage

Question:  What other types of unexplained creatures have been seen in Florida waters?

Andy Garrett Explains Other Florida Phenomenon

Question: Why are people so fascinated with mystery creature sightings?

Andy Garrett Talks About the Fascination with Cryptozoology

Garrett says he’d like to resolve the situation, because several people in the area are afraid to go in the water. But he says, at this time, his group has no plans to go out and monitor the canal.