New York, PHEW York (A Scratch-N-Sniff Adventure): $34

New York City is adored for many reasons, culture, music and beautiful architecture to name a few, but it isn’t usually praised for the variety of smells that waft through its streets. Amber Jones, a hotel concierge turned first-time author, was inspired to write a book after getting a whiff of pizza from a nearby parlor and unknowingly stepping in horse manure. While checking her shoe, she was hit with the aroma of kebab from a nearby cart; it was then that she got the idea of cataloging the smells of the city in a scratch-and-sniff children’s book.

NEWS: Mapping a City's Smell

The self-published book follows a family’s vacation to the city, where they are befriended by a hotel concierge. During their stay, they tour the 19 boroughs and experience a variety of smells — red apples, pizza, garbage and, oh my, sewer steam. The book doesn’t hide the bad, it seems, but it’s not meant to mock or deter tourists from the city. Instead Jones wanted to convey her love of New York in an honest way.


Credit: Amber Jones