Scrabble Goes High-Tech: I love Scrabble! My mom and I play it all of the time when I visit. It's one of the few remaining low-tech games that has survived decades of video games and electronic buzzers, timers and beeps.

But for an upcoming festival in Prague, Scrabble is going high-tech. Mind Sports International has created an electronic Scrabble board embedded with RFID tech, color-changing LED lights and a carbon fiber finish.

Each of the 100 letter tiles contains a unique RFID tag and 225 RFID antennas — one for each square on the board — keep track of which letter tile is placed where. A player's tile rack also contains an RFID sensor. All of that information is collected and monitor by custom software that turns it into a graphical display showing the player, his/her score and stats. via Gizmag