From Princess Leia’s evocation and “Star Trek’s” Holo-Deck, to Marty McFly ducking holographic sharks in Back To The Future II and the resurrection of Tupac Shakur, holograms are never far from the zeitgeist of pop culture.

However, Provision — a leader in the commercialization of 3-D holographic displays — wants to take the fiction out of science fiction and up the ante with HoloVision, a display touting life-sized holograms.

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“Imagine a human-sized, floating hologram projected from a 3-D display,” claims Provision. “The hologram requires no special glasses, no virtual reality goggles and literally hovers in air standing next to you!”

Provision says they have the technology to deliver a hardware platform capable of demonstrating a six-foot tall hologram, albeit from a projector seven feet from the screen. To make it happen, the company is soliciting funds via Kickstarter, where developers write:

We’ll be developing an increased optical system and a new proprietary light source to support a human-sized hologram. And, if we exceed our goals on this project, we can begin phase 2, which will be the miniaturization of the hardware platform (perhaps with a projector the size of a toaster), and begin the market development for home game consoles. The first application for our life-size holographic display will be for video games, where players will be able to actually “see” a floating digital holographic image, and be able to “touch” and interact with the hologram using Provision’s proprietary gesture recognition platform.

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For the first phase, the company only plans to make a proof-of-concept prototype, a miniature HoloVision capable of projecting a three-inch, free-floating, static, analog hologram. So don’t get your hopes up just yet that you’ll have a free-floating, life-sized Leia in your living room by Christmas. But if you’re game for depleting your bank account in the name of expediting the project, do so here. In the meantime, get can a sneak peak of the mini HoloVision with the video below.


Credit: HoloVision