Grid-It! Wrap: $24.99-49.99

What's worse than flying coach? Having to retrieve an item from under the seat in front of you when flying coach. You strategically contort your neck and torso to maximize armspan, while straining to avoid awkward sudden contact with either the cart whizzing down the aisle or your neighbor's lap. That's definitely not the position you want to be in when you can't seem to fish out your crucial in-flight accessory. Case in point why the Grid-It! Wrap is a lifesaver.

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Grid-It! is a unique elastic retention system of rubberized interwoven bands, great for organizing cords and wires, small gadgets, sunglasses, toiletries, etc. The attached neoprene wrap is designed both to hold an e-reader, tablet or small notebook (respectively ranging from 7 to 13 inches) and to cover much smaller accessories. Play this game to get a feel for how it works. And while many strive to live off the grid, you'll see why sometimes it makes sense to live in the grid.

Credit: Cocoon Innovations