How to pronounce their name might be up for debate, but what isn’t up for debate is the universal appeal of animated GIFs. But instead of just enjoying them online, a new Kickstarter campaign called Gifpop! wants to turn your favorite GIFs into coster-like cards you can enjoy offline.

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Created by program designers Rachel Binx and Sha Hwang, the project utilizes lenticular film, an old-school 20th Century technology primarily used in childrens books, toys and billboards. A lenticular sheet is comprised of many tiny prisms that, when viewed at different angles, give the illusion of animation.

Each lenticular card can play back around 10 animated frames, which eventually users will first upload to the Gifpop! website prior to production. The campaign has been so popular that not only was its $5,000 pledge goal funded on the first day, it’s now raked in nearly $14,000. Binx and Hwang say they plan to use the excess funds to set up product production and a user-friendly website where content can be uploaded and printed out on different sized cards.

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Binx and Hwang also want to cater to GIF artists and create an online space where artists can sell their work. “Gifpop is a product, but it is also a provocation,” the duo says in their pitch video. “We want to explore and build new avenues for digital artists to make a living, and we want to do this in public.”

via the Atlantic

Credit: Gifpop!, Binx and Hwang