Dish Network Tailgater: $350 without receiver, $499.99 with receiver

When it was '10 minutes to Wapner' or 'almost 5 O'Clock, time for Jeopardy!, 'Rain Main was quite content with the portable convenience of a Sony Watchman. Alas, for the two years since U.S. television stations have been broadcasting only in digital, those devices have become collector's items. But for those who simply must view TV outside the home, Dish Networks now offers their Tailgater, a portable satellite TV solution.

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To get up and running, connect the approximately 17-inch cubed device with the included RG6 coaxial cable to a ViP 211k HD Solo Receiver. (That model — which offers SD and HD programming up to 1080i, but no DVR capability — is the only compatible receiver.) With the receiver plugged into a portable generator or AC/DC inverter, the antenna gets powered through the coax. Tell the antenna which of the 48 states you're in and it will automatically find the satellite orbital locations for Dish programming. The Tailgater has a bracket for securing it and a handle for easy carrying. It works in moderate inclement weather. And best of all for seasonal sports fans and outdoors types, current customers don't need another account and can pay as they go for only the months they use.

Credit: Dish Network