Just5 Space Phone: $89.99

Simplicity can be hard to find in the world of cell phones today. But a new device from Russian Just5 makes that virtue its defining characteristic. Just5's Space Phone targets the elderly and kids with easy-to-use features that include a one-button emergency alert.

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Billed as “the antidote to overly complex cell phones,” Just5's Space Phone features more than just the simple interface and large buttons commonly seen on similar devices. Also included are a bright display and high-volume speaker for amplified sound, as well as an emergency button that not only dials preset numbers automatically but also sounds a loud alarm to catch the attention of those nearby. Available in numerous colors, the GSM quad-band phone enables users to connect with any GSM service provider anywhere in the world for basic calls and text messaging. A long-lasting battery, flashlight and FM radio are also included.

[Via Springwise]

Credit: Just5