Russian firm Orbital Technologies has revealed plans to build the first hotel in outer space, set to launch into orbit, 217 miles above the Earth’s surface, in five years. Finally, a hotel where every room has an oceans-side view.

A five day stay in the hotel will cost  around $165,430, plus the $827,500 rocket trip up there (unless solar sails somehow drop the cost).  But unlike most millionaire-frequented hotels, this one will not come chock-full of amenities. Guests can choose between horizontal and vertical beds in the zero-gravity environment, and will dine on food prepared on Earth and sent up- a very high-tech take on room service. They’ll have internet access, but not too much else.

The “Commercial Space Station” will be able to accommodate seven guests at a time, all of whom will have rooms with large windows. Before making the trip, guests will have to spend as much as three months completing special training to prepare them for space travel.

But chances are that if you can afford a million plus dollar trip to a space hotel, you can get some extra vacation time off work. Just make sure you’re done having kids- space travel can make you infertile.

Image: © Orbital Technologies

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