In the latest twist in what Runner's World magazine has termed "The Case of the Cursing Jogger," the New Hampshire Supreme Court will hear the case of a man banned from Portsmouth for his habit of running through the city while shouting obscenities.

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At one point, Craig O'Brien, of Eliot, Maine, was arrested for breaking the court order barring him from the city, apparently egging on a police officer to enforce the order. He's also been taken into custody for allegedly telling a witness who was planning on testifying against him, "You are dead," reports Seacoastonline.

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This time, O'Brien's lawyer plans on basing her arguments on the constitutionality of geographical bans before being charged with a crime (usually they are issued against convicted offenders).

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Other than occasionally getting caught for streaking during midnight runs on college campuses, runners seem to stay away from the law. Just in case, though, it's probably best for joggers to heed some advice from the folks at Runner's World : "If you must direct profanities at cops or random civilians, don't yell. Do what I do, and mutter or whisper those things."

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