When they’re not busting myths on the Discovery Channel, Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage are busy cooking up great DIY projects and keeping up to date on the latest achievements of the world’s best makers.

Here’s some of the latest from Tested.com:

The Roomba Turns 10

Everyone’s favorite robo-floor cleaner is now 10 years old. Tested.com outlines the history of the home robot and the company that creates it, iRobot.

3D Printing at the World Maker Faire

Meanwhile, at World Maker Faire, Tested.com checks out a new 3D printer that uses stereolithography instead of extruded plastic filament to build highly detailed objects.

The Autonomous Sentry Gun

How cool is this? Project Sentry Gun is a homemade paintball and airsoft turret that uses open source software to track moving targets with a webcam and trigger arduino-connected servo motors to activate a homemade sentry. You’ve got to see it in action.

Talking With Makerbot Industries’ Bre Pettis

Finally, Tested.com talks with the co-founder of Makerbot Industries, Bre Pettis. He explains the improvements in the company’s latest 3D-printer.