The Navy has commissioned a GIANT ROBOT JELLYFISH! It's real. It works. But that's not all. Anthony shows us this amazing machine in action plus explains how it may soon help patrol our oceans.

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"Why Does the Navy Need a Giant Robotic Jellyfish?"
"At the end of last week, a team of Virginia Tech researchers revealed the first look at a hefty new robotic jellyfish that it's building for the U.S. Navy. Its name is Cyro."

"Researchers unveil large robotic jellyfish that one day could patrol oceans (w/ video)"
"Student team members from the Virginia Tech's National Science Foundation Center for Energy Harvesting Materials and Systems test a five-foot wide jellyfish-like robot under water at War Memorial Hall."

"Here's Why The Navy Doesn't Have Its Own Fleet of Killer Attack Dolphins"
"Whatever, Ukraine. Your claims of arming a fleet of dolphins with pistols and knives are dubious. This is why you can't transform man's favorite adorable aquatic buddy into sea mammals of death."

"Attack of the Killer Dolphins (Maybe)"
"People usually laugh when you mention the idea of killer dolphins, trained by the military."

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