As the nation shifts its gaze to Tampa, Fla., host of the Republican National Convention, another set of eyes has been installed to monitor any suspicious activity that could go down as Mitt Romney accepts his party's nomination for President of the United States.


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Tampa spent more than $2 million installing approximately 90 high-tech security cameras that use behavior recognition software designed to study body language and movement.

BRS Labs, developer of the AISight software used in the cameras, says it's system perpetually learns what activities commonly occur in a particular environment. When somethings occurs that is out of the ordinary, authorities receive real-time alerts.

"AISight works with patented learning and analysis engines that enable

the system to observe events, analyze them, and remember them similarly

to how human brain makes and stores memories," explains the company's website. "When new events differ

from AISight’s memories, it determines that a suspect event is occurring

and alerts security personnel."

For example, the system could differentiate between a uniformed police officer carrying a weapon and a civilian carrying a weapon.

Just as frequent observation of objects and events reinforces AISight’s memories, memories that aren’t reinforced degrade. This means that AISight not only learns about commonly occurring activity but also “forgets” when that activity becomes less frequent, enabling it to alert on events that are no longer commonplace. Because of this unique ability to learn, remember and forget, AISight’s ability to provide currently relevant, accurate alerts evolves alongside the environment. It adapts to moving vegetation, lighting changes, repositioning of furniture, weather patterns and myriad other environmental aspects that challenge video analytic systems.

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If you're feeling less patriotic about this platform, Web developer Jon Gales created an app that has mapped out all of the cameras.

"We have concentrated on mapping the cameras meant to watch you," explains Gales' website. Log on to to download the app and learn more about the cameras.

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