Steadfast environmentalists determined on saving the planet with their greener-than-thou efforts usually wear their heart on their sleeves. But why limit the heart to just the sleeve, especially now that it can be worn on every part of one’s clothing?

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Catalytic Clothing has been working on pollution-eating clothing prototypes for a while now, but their new laundry additive is set to hit retail stores soon, although the deal is pending.


Put the additive in the final rinse cycle of your wash and it’ll coat your clothes in nano-sized particles of titanium dioxide that trap and convert nitrogen oxide pollutants in the air into harmless byproducts that can be easily washed away on laundry day.

According the company, one person wearing clothes coated with the additive could remove approximately five grams of nitrogen oxides from the air over the course of a day. That may not sound like a planet-saving number, but considering that’s roughly twice the amount that a passenger vehicle gives off in a typical day, I’d gladly step into a wardrobe coated in this stuff.

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The pollution-gobbling threads will be on display at the Manchester Science Festival in Manchester, England from October through November 4.