For your next vacation, how about taking the kids to play at an abandoned nuclear power plant?

This might sound like a quick way to grow an extra set of arms and a few tumors to go with them, but Wunderland Kalkar, a German amusement park built on the grounds of an unused nuclear power plant, is radiation free and features over 40 rides and attractions.

Wunderland Kalkar started life as Schneller Brüter, a planned nuclear power plant built between 1972 and 1991 for approximately 4 billion Euro (US$5.3 billion), reports Gizmag. But political reasons kept the the power plant from ever being fired up.

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After the plans for a nuclear plant suffered a meltdown, the land was bought by a Dutch investor, who turned the site into a massive amusement park.

Wunderland Kalkar covers 55 hectares (136 acres). The wiring used to supply it with power could circle the globe twice.

Much of the nuclear plant's infrastructure was incorporated into the park. The cooling tower, ominous icon of nuclear power, is now a climbing wall, with a giant swing ride in the center (be careful you don't fallout).

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If you get tired from a day of frolicking amongst abandoned cooling towers, there is a 450-room hotel on the site. There's also restaurants, a bowling alley, tennis courts, miniature golf, and volleyball courts.


A former cooling tower stands on the area of the 'Wunderland Kalkar' amusement park in Kalkar, Germany. (Corbis Images)

A swing ride sprouts from the center of the cooling tower. (Corbis Images)