When the Oxford Dictionary crowned “selfie” the 2013 word of the year, the not-so-humble personal portrait achieved pop culture saturation and became a de facto trademark of our vainglorious, modern society. However, an animal rescue program and advocacy group in Texas wants to photobomb these snapshots with a little more charity for our furry friends.

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In an effort to make Dallas a no-kill city, the group Dallas Pets Alive! has created a program called “Muttbombing.” Designed by the Dieste agency, Muttbombing photoshops an image of a real dog that’s up for adoption into selected selfies. The service even posts comments and humorous observations, posing as the dog as a way for the pooch to introduce itself.

Besides helping a rescue dog find a good home, Muttbombing is also a great way for people to prank any over-sharing selfie junkies. All you have to do is send DPA! your friend or foe’s Instagram username via email, along with a short message.

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“When it comes to finding homes for shelter pets, you have to really get creative,” DPA! executive director Leslie Sans said according to Fast Company. ”So we’re trying to show a different side of our pets through a fun and virtual interaction.”

via Fast Company

Credit: DPA!, Instagram