Photo: Erik R. Trinidad

Ever fantasize about being in a large-scale epic battle in ancient Greece — like in films Troy or 300 — and with authentic locations rather than a green screen studio? Well, now you can try and reenact the Battle of Attica of 480 B.C., when the Persians pillaged and seized the Greek region containing Athens, by leasing out the Acropolis at a fairly reasonable rate: just about $2000 per day. That’s right; according to Gadling and other news sources, the Greek government, in desperation during their current economic crisis, is pulling out all the stops in any possible revenue streams — even if it means renting out their normally protected ancient sites to outsiders. And at just about $2000/day (I would have expected it could be more), it’s somewhat of a bargain — relatively speaking — considering how awesome it could be!

Obviously, there’s a catch; you can’t just rent out the famed World Heritage Site, get all your buddies to gear up in ancient Greek warrior garb, and run amuck with spears, bows and arrows. Historians are already shaking their heads in disgust as it is that the Greek government would even stoop low enough to leasing out their prized — and very fragile — historic sites to foreigners, even during desperate times. That’s why permits for the Acropolis and other famous Greek monuments are limited to advertising agencies doing photo shoots, or to demonstrators looking for a recognizable place to stage a protest.

However, if you can get passed all the formalities of leasing one of Greece’s sites of ancient battles — a request for a photo shoot of an ancient “protest” at the Acropolis’ Parthenon perhaps? — then I say go for it. If you need to split the costs amongst a large group of people — who will in turn stage an epic battle — count me in; I’m good for a hundred.