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From the Reddit marketplace: Legend of Zelda eyeshadow set (left) and Reddit alien dictionary page art (right). Credit: Reddit marketplace

Reddit's annual Secret Santa gift-giving program has set a record with

58,504 participants, earning the title of "Largest Online Secret Santa

Game" in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Redditors spent more than $1.4 million on gifts for fellow members, or about $25 per gift.

Reddit matched up members who signed up for the exchange. Redditors

were encouraged to do some "non-creepy" stalking to find out about their

matches so they could give an appropriate gift. However, participants were cautioned not to troll — the practice of goading other users.

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"Being matched with a lurker or new member may be difficult but does

not give you a pass to troll," Reddit rules read. Rulebreakers would be


Participants had until Dec. 14 to ship their gifts. Shipping accounted

for more than $400,000, bringing the total spent on the program to $1.8


While the majority of gifters were located in the United States, 126 countries

were represented in the gift exchange, including a Redditor in the

southernmost tip of Argentina, one on the island of Fiji and several in

ice-clad northern Russia. (Reddit has plotted all participants on a

Google map that zooms in to the gifter's block.)

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So what did Redditors get for Christmas? Their photo posts to the page

r/subreddit showed that many members received geeky gifts like a Star

Trek doorbell, edible gifts ranging from South African candy to Idaho

potatoes, books and plenty of meme-themed things like sparkly cats,

plastic unicorns and ponies for the bronies.

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Most were thrilled with their gifts. "Every time I participate I am

reminded how awesome complete strangers are," a Reddit Secret Santa

participant said in a post.

Secret Santa is now over this year, but Reddit hosts several ongoing exchanges, including one for vinyl

album collectors, fans of Dr. Who and yarn enthusiasts (yes, the kind

you use to knit). And Reddit now has a marketplace of its own where

users can purchase gifts year-round.

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