If you're feeling on edge this Friday the 13th, jumping at shadows and expecting a piano to fall on your head, we present the above photo as an antidote to all that trepidation.

These impossibly cute red panda cubs were born on May 27 at the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute (SCBI) in Front Royal. Va. And now we get to see them for the first time, thanks to the National Zoo's release of their first baby pictures.

The pair of cubs used to be a trio, but, sadly, the third cub did not survive.

National Zoo Finds 'Rusty,' Missing Red Panda

According to Smithsonian.com, the cubs' parents (Sherman and his lady Yanhua) were somehow able to take care of their primary babymaking business when no one was watching, so the pregnancy came as a happy surprise to SCBI staff.

In the wild, red pandas live in cool bamboo forests in China, Myanmar and Nepal. They have had a rough go of it, thanks to habitat loss -- today fewer than 10,000 remaini in the wild.

The new cubs are in good hands, though, as they are part of a special species survival plan run by SCBI. They'll slowly be integrated into the organization's red panda community as the summer progresses.