‘Space Jump’ Sunday? For those of you excited about Felix Baumgartner’s bid to break the high-altitude skydive record, it has been a frustrating week. The already delayed attempt was scrubbed on Tuesday due to gusty winds and the New Mexico weather deteriorated through the rest of the week.

However, there may be some good news in sight, Sunday is looking favorable for launch!

“On the three-day call today, Red Bull Stratos meteorologist Don Day stated that the weather forecast for launching a 30 million cubic foot balloon for Sunday, October 14 is still favorable,” said a Red Bull Stratos announcement on Friday.

“I like what I see on Sunday. It will again be a matter of what happens with the winds on the top (700-800 feet). We may still have to wait and the window will likely be open until 11 a.m. (MDT) We need to be ready for launch just after sunrise [approximately 6:45 a.m.],” added Day.

There’s more good news: Discovery News will be keeping a close eye on developments and Discovery Channel, with Velocity, still plan to cover the event live. For Twitter updates, follow @Discovery_News and keep track of the hashtag #SpaceJumpLIVE.