3DPF: $3,920 to $5,875

Remember the scene in the 1960s classic film “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” where Holly Golightly and Fred steal face masks from a Five and Dime? Those were such innocent times where masks were cute puppies or funny president’s faces, not at all the creep-fest the 3DPFs seem to be. The REAL-f 3 Dimension Photo Forms are eerily realistic replicas of human faces. The Japanese company designs the masks by taking pictures of a person’s face from different positions and prints the image on vinyl resin.

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The replicas can then be made into masks or a mannequin-like head. The printing on these masks is so precise even blood vessels and scars show up on the replicas. It’s weird beyond definition and unless one wants to invest in an elaborate prank, probably not something worth buying. However, it is something worth looking at and showing your friends to marvel in the freakiness of it all, so check out REAL-f’s Facebook to see more photos. 

Via: Geekosystem

Credit: REAL-f