They may be the party favor of choice for rock stars and a source of illicit income for chemistry teachers breaking bad, but many highly illegal and often abused drugs have real medicinal benefits.

While we’ve all heard the debate over the medical uses of marijuana, according to information gathered by Medical Billing and Coding some of the most controlled substances were created with patient care and comfort in mind.

So, does that mean heroin could come through on an insurance claim? Yes it does. It was originally an alternative to morphine and is now used as a painkiller. Although you’ll see it on your chart listed by its chemical name, Diamorphine. And methamphetamine? While better known for its trailer-based labs and ability to dramatically change appearance, it is actually an FDA approved treatment for ADHD. Apparently even cocaine and Ecstasy have their benefits.

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(Note: This is for informational and entertainment purposes only. This does not mean or The Discovery Channel in any way recommend or endorse the use of any of these substances.)