An unusual preserve in Connecticut is home to a newly born Rothschild giraffe, one of only 670 of this endangered species. You can see the female calf take her first steps at the LEO Zoological Conservation Center in this video.

In addition to the undeniable “aww” power of the rare giraffe, the event garnered some attention because the private preserve where it was born wasn’t originally intended to be accessible by the public. Visits are limited to large donors, some charities and educational groups. The cheapest pass is $500 as part of a $2,500 tour.

The zoo was founded on a farm in the New York suburbs, and self-financed in 2009 by Marcella Leone. “I have donated far more than I would ever be able to write off in my lifetime, that’s for sure,” Leone told the Times. “It’s not always popular with my family.” via The New York Times

Image: YouTube screen capture