Who doesn’t love R2D2 and what Star Wars fan wouldn’t covet this little Artoo infrared keyboard? It’s from Japan-based Runatown and is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows 7/8 and OS X.

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The R2 uses Bluetooth wireless 3.0 to connect to your device and project a 70 x 97 x 49mm QWERTY keyboard onto any flat surface. When you tap a key “button,” an infrared sensor in the mini-robot registers the movement and translates that into a signal that’s transferred to your smartphone or tablet. It works at a surprisingly huge distance of 32 feet.

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Here’s the cutest part: the device makes the familiar “BREEEET! B­EEP-DWOOP-TWEET” droid sounds when you type, when the gadget is turned on or off or when you adjust the volume. Not sure if that’s worth the $330 price tag, but you can be the judge of that.

Credit: Run’A Town