Whether printed with tweets, ads or coupons, toilet paper has played the gimmicky roll — I mean role — in many campaigns. TP’s newest campaign may be a little cheeky, but its target goes way beyond bathroom humor.

VIDEO: Connected Bathroom: Get All Your Latest Twitter Updates Printed On Toilet Paper

Sieropositivo, an Italian HIV awareness nonprofit, is dedicating its new campaign to women and setting up shop where the fairer sex is bound to go sooner or later: the ladies’ room. Women paying a visit to the restrooms of trendy clubs and restaurants Rome and Milan will find their lavatories stocked with toilet paper asking the following question: “When you use a public restroom do you fear diseases? What about when you have sex?”

To augment the somewhat abstract, brow-wrinkling nature of the two questions, each square comes printed with a QR code that wipers can scan — preferably before doing the deed — and be taken to this #ToiletThink site for further information.

Sieropositivo cites new research showing HIV transmission has increased among Italian women in recent years, so the campaign has been exclusively geared toward ladies. In fact, the the campaign kicked off on March 8, International Women’s Day.

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Check out #ToiletThink’s promo video here, but a word to the wise; it really straddles the razor’s edge of NSFW territory. What do you expect, though? It’s Europe. So if any of your co-workers catch you in the act, you can honestly reply that you’re supporting HIV awareness.

And while we’re on the PSA tip, please wash your hands — and maybe your phone — after you’re done flushing.

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Credit: Pianeta Donna