Pyramid Made from Oil Barrels: The acclaimed artists Christo and Jean-Claude, known for their larger than life installations are at it again. The duo who have strung a curtain between two mountains, wrapped an Australian coastline in silk and covered a Japanese countryside in umbrellas — to name just of few of their projects — is now going to build the world's largest pyramid and sculpture in the world.

Named the Mastaba, the flat-topped pyramid, will be built in Abu Dhabi, UAE, and be made from 410,000 multi-colored oil barrels. The structure will stand 492 feet high and measure 984 feet wide.

The project will represent the couple's only permanent art installation. Christo and Jeanne-Claude conceived of this project back in 1977 and visited Abu Dhabi in 1979. They have returned many times and have longstanding relationship with the people of Abu Dhabi. via iO9