Polish designer Waldek Wegrzyn wanted to create a way to merge the Web with print books. He was inspired by El Lissitzky's text, "The topography of typography," which discusses the future of books as technology. In response, Wegrzyn created the Elektrobiblioteka.

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Blurring the lines between screen and page, the book is a volume companion to an e-book that's posted online. The physical book controls the webpage via embedded chips. When a page in the book is turned, the webpages online turn as well; tapping on graphics in the book allows readers to interact with them on screen. The book is currently in Polish, but a quick translation will allow just about anyone to read it online even without the device.

This isn't a commercial product, and the odds of it becoming one are slim. But, it's an interesting way to see how two mediums that seem to contradict each other could be combined to create something different. Check out the video below for a full demo.



via The Verge

Credit: Elektrobiblioteka