Priciest Big Apple Pad: New York City's most expensive apartment record has been crushed by an as-yet-unknown buyer who paid at least $90 million for a penthouse duplex in midtown Manhattan. The former record was $88 million. The building hasn't been built yet, but the place is supposed to be stunning. To the right is the view of Central Park from the penthouse. Gossip is that thebuyer is someone that the public would recognize. (3:31 p.m.) via NY Daily News

Massive Marilyn: A 26-ft tall statue of Marilyn Monroe will be unveiled in the California desert city of Palm Springs on May 24. Designed by 80-year-old artist Seward Johnson, the 34,000 lb sculpture depicts Monroe pushing down her skirt as it's blowing in the subway draft from her famous "Seven Year Itch" scene. She cost $40,000 to ship from its previous home in Chicago. (2:30 p.m.) via LA Times


Live, 360-Degree TV: For the first time on television, audiences can view a live stream from a video camera that provides a 360-degree view. Discovery’s Velocity network is showing a live broadcast of the Mecum Auto Auction, giving car enthusiasts a panoramic interactive experience that’s almost as good as being there. (12:35 p.m.) via The Velocity Blog

Dog Rides Bike (Needs Training Wheels): It's Bike to Work Day and what better way to honor the occasion than to share this amazing video of a very talented two-and-a-half-year-old Briard. That's a dog, in case you didn't know, and the South Carolina pooch, Norman, took about 10 weeks to learn the trick. Apparently Norman also knows how to ride a scooter, closes doors behind him and wipes his paws on a mat before entering his home (you can't even train kids to do that!) Sure, Norman needs help mounting the bicycle and he requires training wheels, but the dog is seriously talented. You just have to watch to believe it. Happy Friday. (10:07 a.m.) via Yahoo News

Facebook Stock Begins Trading: Today, Facebook’s stock (ticker symbol: FB) began trading on the Nasdaq Stock Market. Yesterday, the online social network raised $16 billion in an initial public offering with shares priced as $38 each. The company is valued at $104 billion, more than, Kraft, Walt Disney and McDonald’s. As of May 3, 2012, Apple was worth $508 billion. (8:25 a.m.) via New York Daily News

Iran in War of Words with Google Over Persian Gulf: Although a search for the Persian Gulf on Google maps will bring it up, no label identifies the body of water, and Iran is calling foul. The country is threatening to sue Google to have the gulf identified. (6:35 a.m.) via CNN

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