Goodbye, potato chips. A vending machine built by American Green that sells marijuana may make candy bars and soda seem passe.

While not available to the general public, the vending machine, called ZaZZZ, will be available to medical marijuana users inside dispensaries. It will stock marijuana alongside snacks and other pot products at a dispensary in Eagle-Vail, Colo.

Aside from the buzz that the machine is creating, dispensaries say such machines will help reduce wait times in lines, and may even be more secure than over-the-counter purchasing. ID chips are supposed to track every product that gets sold, and cameras confirm that the person who swiped their license is the correct, authorized user.

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"You can really stack inventory in a safe manner in a concentrated area. ... There's no theft issue, there's no product disappearing," Herbal Elements dispensary owner Greg Honan told Outside Magazine.

Stephen Shearin, chief operating officer for Tranzbyte, a company that owns American Green, bills it as convenient for the customer too.

"Great for shy folk as well," he told The Denver Post. "Swipe ID and get verified. Select products and pay. Retrieve products and depart using appropriate bagging solution."

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While the ZaZZZ will be the first pot machine that customers can use, similar devices are already in use behind the counter by dispensary employees.

“The way we see it, when you walk into a shop, you don’t need the expert or aficionado to help with selection,” Todd Davis, chief executive officer of Endexx, a competing brand of vending machines, told The Huffington Post.

The day when you can buy bud along with your soda isn't likely to come anytime soon. But Shearin is hopeful it will happen eventually.

"As time and laws evolve, who knows where it will be," he said.