Sideline Cinq: $249

In the office, it's fine to sport the very biggest, coolest monitor you can find — or at least, stack multiple normal-sized monitors side-by-side. After all, several studies have found that more computing display space means greater productivity. Whether you believe that or not, once you leave the office, your expanded display options shrink. Laptops with very large or even dual screens tend to be on the heavy and expensive side. You could try using an iPad as a second display, but practicality and reliability come to question. In contrast, the soon-to-be released Cinq (pronounced "sink") by Mesa, Arizona-based startup Sideline Inc., is a nice blend of portability, functionality and affordability.

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Less than a pound, Cinq delivers 10.1 inches of smooth 720p/16:9 video using DisplayLink's lossless image compression technology. It can physically attach to your laptop in portrait or landscape position — and auto-rotates when quickly changing between the two — or be placed on the included adjustable stand, especially handy for one-on-one presentations. It gets both power and data from a single USB connection and has a built-in SD card reader for quickly referencing multimedia and other files. The space-saving Cinq comes with a protective neoprene case and all the accessories you need to ergonomically increase your viewing real estate on-the-go.

Credit: Sideline Inc.