Image: Pong Beer

Pong isn’t just an arcade game classic. It’s also the name of a new beer made specifically for beer pong, Time reports.

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Drop that Keystone. Put down that rack of Natty Ice. Pong Beer is the first beer brewed with the finest natural ingredients for an “exceptionally crisp, smooth, and refreshing light beer” made specifically to throw an unsanitary ping-pong ball in.

Pong Beer is available in 10 states—and heading to a frat party near you in Texas and Florida. Half of college students say they play beer pong, and sales of paraphernalia (table, ping pong balls, red cups and cheap beer?) is a $20 million industry, according to Time.

A 30-can Rack Pack includes two ping pong balls. Meanwhile, The Reload comes with 16 ounce cups and four balls for Beirut.