Poll: Most Say All Should Pay Taxes: Over

three-quarters of people polled by Fox News — 79 percent — said that all Americans should pay at least

some income tax.

Last week, a video of presidential hopeful Mitt Romney circulated in which he told a

private event that 46 percent of Americans don't pay any income tax and were dependent on the government.

The poll found that 63 percent agreed that too many people depended on the government. Three-fourths of

polled voters said they thought the "average American” depended on government at least a little bit, but

only 31 percent said they personally were.

The poll found that just about half of voters thought the

current government was “trying to do too much,” and that it was essentially a tie between Romney and

President Barack Obama as to which would manage tax dollers most efficiently.

As for the poll itself, Fox News says: "The Fox News poll is based on live telephone interviews on

landlines and cell phones from September 24 to September 26 among 1,092 randomly-chosen likely voters


"The poll is weighted by age and race; it is not weighted by party identification."