When you’re at the polls this November, there’s one more issue to consider beyond health care, immigration and jobs: Who is best to lead the nation in the event of an alien invasion?

Sixty-five percent believe that would be Barack Obama, a National Geographic Channel poll found. The network commissioned the survey to promote its show “Chasing UFOs,” premiering this week.

The survey found more than a third of respondents (36 percent) believe UFOs exist, while 17 percent don’t and 48 percent are unsure, USA Today reports. A whooping 79 percent think the government has been secretly keeping information about UFOs a secret (paranoid much?).

If aliens did make their way to Earth, 28 percent would retreat, but an entire 22 percent of respondents said they would try to make nice and befriend these foreigners while 2 percent would try to fight (really?).

USA Today did some additional due diligence to report this story:

Extraterrestrial beings could not be reached for comment.

Image: jurvetson/Creative Commons