Polar Bear Investigation Cleared:

Polar bear researcher Charles Monnett, who first sounded the alarm about the dangers polar bears face as Arctic sea ice continues to decline during the summer, is getting reprimanded for forwarding official email to a local government official and a fellow researcher at the University of Alaska without prior authorization, reported the Guardian. After a two-year investigation over concerns that Monnett allegedly used false data, the Obama administration did not find any evidence of scientific wrongdoing.

Until last year, Monnett managed $50 million in scientific projects on Arctic wildlife for the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, the government agency which oversees oil drilling in Alaska. The timing of the investigation is seen as suspect by campaign groups for Monnett, coming as it did in March 2010 just as Obama announced he would open up the Arctic to offshore drilling and expand oil exploration in the Gulf of Mexico.

"Monnett was told informally on Thursday he could return to his scientific role," reported the Guardian.