Our sister site TreeHugger delivers all the freshest news on environmental news and culture. Here are items from the past week we thought you’d dig, even if you’ve never recycled.

Tech Spotlight

Give a nod to the growing demands of the DIY community, Fujitsu has announced a new option for consumers looking to assemble their own computers. Going beyond simple “plug-in” components and kit computers, the program actually invites users into the factory for engineer-led building sessions.

Building your own computer is one thing, but some creative engineers are trying to reimagine the way we interact with devices. One prototype suggests that in the future, we may be using our houseplants to browse the web.

Meanwhile, the world of architecture continues to be redefined by technology. The latest advance is 3D printing that allows designers to “print” structures using a stone spray.

The World of Design

At the other end of the spectrum of architectural innovation is this wild house design that uses whole ears of corn as its siding.

And speaking of wild, there is nothing more out there than innovative tree house designs—especially when they do without floor supports of any kind!

Of course, all eyes were on London this week—thanks to the Olympics—and the city has used design to ensure there is plenty to see. One of the more whimsical and unusual objects is a giant lion sculpture made from scaffolding.

Food for Thought

Late night Olympics viewing sessions are leaving lots of people groggy the next day. A new entry in energy drink market promises the perk of a Red Bull without all the artificial ingredients.

For many, a late night leads to a mandatory bloody mary. A great way to spice up that classic restorative cocktail is with some top-shelf homemade tomato juice.

Finally, this week TreeHugger offers a solution for those of us who can’t stand the heat but also don’t want to get out of the kitchen. These no-cook recipes for cool kitchens will quickly become summer staples.

Photo credit: YouTube