This biodegradable toothbrush is made from plant-based Ingeo (Photos: World Centric)

Tomorrow morning when you’re at the sink brushing your teeth, think about this: Every year about 450 million toothbrushes — almost half a billion — make their way into landfills in the US. And since they’re made of plastic, the majority of those toothbrushes will never biodegrade, and will remain in those landfills decade after decade. Long after you, and your teeth, are gone.

To reduce those staggering numbers, a new line of biodegradable and compostable toothbrushes, complete with a travel case, made from a plant-based resin called Ingeo, has just hit store shelves and is ready to sit on your bathroom counter.

This new toothbrush from World Centric is shaped like a traditional toothbrush, but when the bristles wear out, you just snap off the head — the bristles are made from traditional nylon, so a notch in the handle makes it easy to snap the head off — and send the rest of the toothbrush and the travel case to a commercial composting facility. The plant-based Ingeo is designed to fully compost within 3 to 6 six months in an industrial composter.

Don’t have a commercial composting facility nearby? Don’t throw the World Centric brush in the garbage and assume it will degrade in the landfill. Landfills are created to avoid degradation and will not break down the toothbrushes. Instead, World Centric provides a prepaid envelope that you can use return the toothbrush and case to them, and they’ll send it to a composting facility for biodegradation.

The 7-inch World Centric toothbrush and case comes in blue, green and orange and sells for $4.55. They are available at natural grocery stores, some Whole Foods stores nationwide and online. Making it easy to fight cavities and pollution at the same time.

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