Passenger Ferdinand Puentes knew what was happening last month when the small airplane he was in started making warning noises. Although he says he felt like he was in a dream, he flipped his GoPro camera on, capturing the plane's crash into the ocean near Hawaii.

The video shows Puentes, a construction worker and spear fisherman, and fellow passengers prepping life jackets and evacuating calmly. Eight passengers were rescued by the Coast Guard; state director of health Loretta Fuddy was the only passenger who died.

Skydiver Planes Collide at 12,000 Feet, All Survive

The Cessna lost power and started to flood when it hit the ocean. Most of the passengers clung to the plane's wings -- Puentes was wearing steel-toed boots and his life jacket wasn't enough to keep him afloat -- and at least one swam 90 minutes to shore.

"It was as if time stopped and everything you remembered in your past -- loved ones. I didn't say goodbye to them. Your whole life just goes in front of you," Puentes told CNN-affiliate KHON 2. "A lot of things seem petty now. Can't take things for granted."