It's been a banner week for vending machines. First, we told you about Rugbeer, the Cerveza Salta vending machine that dishes out beer if you slam into it hard enough. Now comes word of a vending machine with a dish just as tasty: pizza.

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After some initial success in Europe, Italian Claudio Torghel is getting ready to roll out his Let's Pizza vending machines in the United States. Since you're already getting your flicks from that Redbox by the grocery store, you might as well top off movie night with a fresh pizza pie.

Fresh, you balk? Yes, fresh. Let's Pizza machines say they're a cut above factory farmed pizzas. Here's the fresh factor: After customers pay, they begin by selecting one of four kinds of pizza available. Inside, a machine mixes flour and water together and kneads it into dough, which is then rolled flat. After toppings are added, the pizza is cooked in an infrared oven and dispensed in a take-home box. Voila, your very own 10.5-inch pie in under three minutes.

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Ingredients are not frozen, but kept refrigerated in single-serving packages until needed. Each machine has enough ingredients for 100 pizzas before it needs restocking.

The vending machines are expected to debut later this year and the suggested price is $5.95 per pizza.


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credit: Let's Pizza