Android Piracy Hurting Developers: According to the Guardian, a developer named Madfinder Games was selling it’s game Dead Trigger – a zombie-themed first-person shooter – in the Google Play store for $0.99. When sales weren’t what they expected, the dropped the price to Free and experienced a backlash from the community. They weren’t trying to alienate their fans, but say in a statement they were “forced” to drop the price due to the high rate of software piracy.

Android phones are hot! They’re outnumbering the iPhone in activations and while the various handsets allow users and providers more customization, the experience on the developer side is less shiny. Another developer, Sports Interactive told the Guardian their rate of piracy was nine illegal downloads for every one sale. Will Google address this issue? Maybe. But for now developers are having second thoughts about launching successful iOS apps for the Android platform. via The Guardian