We recently highlighted a 61-year old woman who is preparing to swim from Florida to Cuba. On the other end of the age (and season) spectrum, Outside TV recently featured a six-year old snowboarder who isn't just rosy-cheeked and adorable. She also shreds it up!

The Outside spot features some fun shots of Bailey Duran playing with her Barbie Dolls in the snow along with cute clips of her saying things like, "My favorite is the half pipe."


More impressive are the photos and videos on her own website, which show an extensive set of skills, including 360-spins and rail-slides. At the end of the clip above, she even jumps over a car.

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Bailey has been snowboarding since she was four, when her father taught her the basics. At age five, she stood on the podium five times in five days in the seven-and-under category during the USASA Nationals. Among the latest news in Bailey's snowboarding life, according to her father David, three companies have invited her to join their teams and will be sponsoring her with gear during the upcoming season.

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From Roxy, she'll get boards, bindings, pants, jackets and street clothes. Spy Optic will be supplying her with goggles and sunglasses. And Ride Snowboards will be outfitting her with boots and helmets. Many fully-grown athletes only dream of scoring corporate sponsorships to support their athletic pursuits. Bailey, it seems, is far ahead of the game.