Trying to sleep next to a snorer is a nightmare, with not much middle ground for solution. At best, bed mates can look forward to a night of interrupted rest and nudging the other to turn over. Worst case scenario, the snorer is diagnosed with sleep apnea and forced to wear one of those sleep apnea masks.

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However, with its snore-triggered nudging pillow, goofy gadget emporium Hammacher Schlemmer may have what it takes for a peaceful night of slumber. The pillow includes a microphone that picks up the sonic vibrations of snoring. When snores are detected, an air bag inflates the pillow by three inches, enough to nudge the snorer into changing positions.

The pillow’s microphone can be calibrated to detect light or heavy snoring. The inflation feature can also be controlled manually, if one’s partner wants to give the elbow nudging a rest.

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Unfortunately, the pillow in powered by an AC adapter, so it needs to be plugged in. Which, in my case, would be a real threat. With all the tossing and turning I do, having any type of power cord in bed is liable to tangle me up or destroy everything on the nightstand.

via The Telegraph

Credit: Hammacher Schlemmer