Many men (and some women) create elaborate scenarios when proposing marriage — producing viral music videos, staging an imminent plane crash, even faking the proposer’s death.

So what does a physicist do to wow his beloved and convince her to marry him? He puts it in a scientific paper, of course.

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An Australian physicist’s “research” was posted to the site Reddit, titled “Two-body interactions: A Longitudinal Study.”

In the work, Brendan (his last name was withheld in the Reddit post) references a classic physics problem concerning two objects’ gravitational forces. He even includes a graph of “happiness vs. time” in which he portrays an optimistic upward trend.

As for the conclusion, the author writes: “the author proposes to Christie the indefinite continuation of the study.”

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Christie (her last name was also withheld) and author Brendan are both physicists in Sydney, Australia.

The paper was written in March 2012, but now-fiancee, Christie first published an image of it on Sunday.

The work does not appear to have been peer-reviewed.

Photo: iStockPhoto