Today the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science opened a new exhibit, Migratory Journeys: New Mexico’s Wildlife on the Move. It showcases the state's diverse and, as you'll soon see, very photogenic wildlife.


Amateur and student photophers provided the images, which were judged at the museum. The top prize was awarded to Dustin Huntington’s “Wandering glider—Long distant dragonfly migrant,” a photo captured at Bitter Lakes National Wildlife Refuge in Roswell, New Mexico.


“The level of creativity demonstrated in this year’s entries is impressive," said Hollis J. Gillespie, Museum Executive Director. "It is a delight to see photographs exploring this topic from all over the state."


Here are some of the other winning entries:


Ladybird Beetle, Sharyn Davidson


Waving Western Grebe, Barbara McGuire



Stalking Prey, Jim Gale



Migratory Grasshopper, Sharyn Davidson



Landing Zone, George E. Pearce  



Rufus Hummingbird, Gail Yovanovich



Black-Necked Stilts, Sandra Noll



Sandhill Cranes leave for feeding grounds near the Rio Grande tandem, Gail Yovanovich

Tarantula at Eye Level, Erv Nichols