A year before this 1951 photograph (above) of Marilyn Monroe was taken, she played a couple of minor roles, in "The Asphalt Jungle" and "All About Eve." Photographs of her that appear to have been taken during that breakout year were found at a garage sale in 1980. The lucky locater, photographer Anton Fury, paid $2 for a folder that contained two envelopes of black-and-white negatives. When Fury examined the negatives on a light table, he saw that the images were of Monroe and her contemporary, Jayne Mansfield, but he had no idea who had taken them.

He held onto the photos for 30 years and only recently showed them to art dealer David W. Streets. Streets estimated that the images of Monroe were taken in 1950, just after she had cut her hair short and before she had become a big star. An unknown mystery man, who appears in the images with both Monroe and Mansfield, may be the photographer.

Fury, who is keen on finding out more details about the origin of the images, allowed CNN to publish the photographs. You can see a few of them here.

[via CNN]

Credit: Underwood and Underwood/Corbis