It’s always when you need your phone the most that the battery is in the red zone, right? Ain’t nobody got time to stand around at the electrical outlet waiting for the bar to millimeter it’s way ever so slowly into the green.

Tel Aviv, Israeli startup StoreDot may have a solution. Their prototype battery charges in just under 30 seconds. Not only would this make recharging a dead phone fast and easy, but the potential for a quick-charging battery has huge implications for electric vehicles, which on a good day, require four to eight hours to recharge.

Battery ‘Sponge’ Made From Foam-Like Copper

A battery is basically a container of chemicals. During use, chemical reactions inside the battery deplete the charge. To recharge, the chemistry has to be reversed, and that takes time. Researchers have been working on quick-charging options, but the technique typically involve toxic heavy metals. Not ideal.

StoreDot is not using heavy metals. Instead they developed a new kind of electrode as well as synthesized peptide molecules — peptides are small protein molecules — that they call nanodots. The materials used to make the nanodots are abundant in inexpensive.

Air’ Batteries Could Energize EVs

The result is a battery that works like a supercapacitor with very fast charging but discharges slowly the way a lithium electrode does.

For use in electric vehicles, the electrode would have to be adapted to sustain higher currents, but it’s not impossible.

StoreDot is in the process of applying for a patent and plans to start mass production in 2016.

via Gizmag