It’s happened to us all. Our weather app says it’s sunny and warm but a quick look outside reveals it’s cooler and drizzling. The problem is that radar stations are often miles away from where we live and so often the forecasts are generalized for the region.

A new project on Kickstarter — which has 12 days left, but has already achieved its funding goal — aims to improve weather forecasts. BloomSky consists of small weather stations that individuals place in their backyards that then form a network capable of providing accurate, hyper-local weather forecasts.

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Stake the $170 device into the ground or mount it to a balcony or wall. An optional solar panel provides power.

Each weather-proof module has a high-def camera that takes photos of the sky every three to five minutes, from dawn to dusk. The idea is to create time-lapse images of the sky to give people a visual of the weather and also create an emotional connection to the service that doesn’t exist with other weather apps.

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In addition to the camera, BloomSky has sensors that measure the UV index, humidity, barometric pressure, temperature and rain fall. All data is uploaded to the cloud and users access information via a smartphone app.

According to Techhive, BloomSky is initially pulling data from Weather Underground and also marketing its concept to businesses as well as individuals in order to expand its network.