Between work, keeping up with all of our social media “friends” and watching hilarious cat videos, some of us spend so much time on the computer that we forget to workout.

A couple of engineering students at the University of Munich think they’ve found the solution. Janko Hofmann and Fabian Pammer have designed the interactive Personal Energy Orb, or PEO. The concept is simple: You “charge” the glowing PEO by placing it on your bike and riding. The more you ride, the more you increase your virtual energy level.

As you ride, the PEO stores your virtual energy

Later, as you use your computer, the PEO watches how long you’re working/surfing/chatting/gaming, and will slow your mouse speed to hair-pulling levels as you run low on virtual energy.

According to Hofmann, “It raises awareness for the amount of time spent in front of computers nowadays and forces its users to seek physical exercise in compensation for their ‘screen hours’.” So basically it will annoy you until you get up and ride.

As you spend time at the computer, and your virtual energy wanes, the PEO slows your mouse speed to a crawl

The PEO glows from red (almost zero virtual energy) to green (full) to let you know how much virtual energy you’re storing. When you’re done riding, hook the PEO up to your computer and start working. When the Orb senses you’re spending too much time in front of the screen for the amount of virtual energy you’ve built up, it begins slowing down your mouse speed, until you get annoyed enough to get up and ride again. The added benefit is the speed training you’ll get trying to outrun guys looking to beat you up for having a bright, glowing orb on your bike.

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Source: Sketching With Hardware

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