Photo via ChronicleNYC on YouTube

New York City has been the backdrop of many a superhero movie, with actors flying amongst skyscrapers by way of green screens and other special effects. But during this unseasonably mild winter, the city skyline was graced with the unexpected sight of three capeless human figures flying around — and in real life — like General Zod & Co. in Superman II. The three mysterious figures were spotted flying around the New York harbor area, from the Statue of Liberty to the Brooklyn Bridge, and people who witnessed the strange occurrence were quick to capture the event with their cameras — as evidence to prove that what they had seen wasn’t just a figment of their imagination.

Discovery News: The Tech Behind Flying People

However, according to this revealing video brought to our attention by Gizmodo and Gadling, the flying figures weren’t people after all, but remote-controlled planes with shells fashioned to look like human beings — and only from afar. Not surprisingly, the stunt wasn’t without a superhero movie tie-in; it was all part of a marketing ploy for the upcoming movie Chronicle where three seemingly ordinary friends discover they have super powers. (The publicity stunt is obviously working.)

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Movie promo or not, now New Yorkers who claim to say that they’ve seen “everything” can now chalk this up to that list.