In the popular YouTube genre of strapping GoPro cameras to animals, some videos soar more than others. For example, the viral footage of the bald eagle flying high above the mountains of Chamonix, France comes to mind.

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Well, ladies and gentleman, add another one to this genre’s hall of fame. In fact, I think this great white pelican with a GoPro strapped to its beak may have just knocked the eagle off its perch.

After the pelican -- nicknamed “Big Bird” -- swam ashore after a big storm, the fine folks at Greystoke Mahale, a resort in Tanzania on Lake Tanganyika, adopted the bird. It was apparently injured and orphaned and needed to relearn how to fly. Volunteers reminded the pelican how to use its wings by running along the shore and flapping their arms.

Of course, a GoPro was on hand to give free advertising and capture the uplifting moment when Big Bird took flight, giving us a beak’s-eye view as the pelican skimmed the shore’s shallow waters and swooped back around to the beach.

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However, one local — a furry, green grump who lives in a trash can — didn’t think so highly of Big Bird. The indistinguishable being, known on his street as “Oscar the Grouch,” was reportedly not impressed.

via Fast Company

Credit: GoPro