Paul Ryan's Arm Has Its Own Twitter Handle: Republican Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan enjoys working out and keeping in shape, but he may not have expected his workout photos to create an internet sensation.

Paul Ryan was runner-up for TIME's person of the year 2011, and in the ensuing story it came out that he was a proponent of P90X, an intense workout regimen. Naturally, he posed for photos doing some workouts in a backward ballcap and workout gear. Now, those photos have prompted a Twitter account to be founded in the name of Paul Ryan's bicep.

Clled, "PaulRyansBicep," it tweets every few minutes with an entertaining anecdote in the style of Paul Ryan. Some of our favorites are below.

It seems every major media event on the web these days involves the creation of a twitter handle, tumblr page, or both, but they're short lived. Somehow, I'm sure PaulRyansBicep on twitter will stop working out long before the man himself does. via TIME Photos, Twitter